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The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison Release date: 21st Mar 2019 £5.99
New Suns: Original Speculative Fiction by Peo... by Nisi Shawl Release date: 12th Mar 2019 £5.99
String City by Graham Edwards Release date: 5th Mar 2019 £5.99
Judges: Volume One by George Mann Release date: 21st Feb 2019 £4.99
Judges: When The Light Lay Still by Charles J. Eskew Release date: 13th Feb 2019 £2.99
Adornments of the Storm by Paul Meloy Release date: 3rd Feb 2019 £2.99
Europe at Dawn by Dave Hutchinson Release date: 1st Nov 2018 £5.99
Stealing Life by Antony Johnston Release date: 1st Nov 2018 £4.99
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The Brass God
The Brass God
War is coming to Ruthnia. As ancient, inhuman powers move against one another, Rel Kressind finds himself in the company... »