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The Sea Hates A Coward : Nate Crowley
The Sea Hates A Coward
Pages: 128
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849979771
ISBN (Epub): 9781849979771
Digital Download Available in ePub & Mobi Formats

Release date: 09 Oct 2015

Schneider Wrack was never a dissident. But since he’s serving the sentence anyway, he may as well become one.
Because in the city, the sentence for sedition is death. Death, and then reanimation, before being shipped out to Ocean to work until you fall apart – or something gets you. There’s always a need for fresh bodies in Ocean. In the 70 years the city has been under siege, it’s been the only place to get food, and so the whaling barges work night and day to haul in enough meat to keep three million people from the edge of starvation. Human labour isn’t an option – Ocean’s too big, too cruel, too full of monsters – so it’s the dead that man the whaleboats. They’re meant to be mindless, empty vessels, but the procedure isn’t perfect. Schneider has woken up months into his sentence, trapped in a living hell of meat and brine, and he’s not happy.
It’s going to take a lot to stir the workforce into revolt; few of them have all their original limbs, and fewer still can remember their own names. But you’ve got to do what you can with what you’ve got.
It’s time to bring hell back to the city.
The Sea Hates A Coward is the debut novella of Nate Crowley, who as @FrogCroakley wrote Daniel Barker's "increasingly nightmarish" (Buzzfeed) birthday party in early 2015.
About The Author : Nate Crowley
Nate Crowley lives in Walsall, near the big IKEA, with his partner Ashleigh and a cat he insists on calling Turkey Boy. His writing career began on twitter where, as @frogcroakley, he authored Daniel Barker’s Birthday, a dystopian space opera in 700 installments. Nate is currently writing The 100 Best Video Games (That Never Existed), a fictional history of gaming, with art from games studio Rebellion Developments, as well as working on a new novel. He is also writing a text adventure game about a haunted sales training manual called Big Mike Lunchtime’s Business Training ’95, and the second series of animated show Realms of Fightinge. Nate loves contemplating unusual animals, cooking stews, playing complicated games and being in wild places. He is represented by Jamie Cowen at the Ampersand agency.