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The Process of Elimination : Michael Carroll
The Process of Elimination
Pages: 136
ISBN (Mobi): 9781786181435
ISBN (Epub): 9781786181435
ISBN (Print): 9781781080375
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Everyone breaks, that's what they say about Titan.
Everyone breaks. But not me. Not Rico Dredd. Not even when they cut out my lungs, injected every inch of my skin with cold-resistant polymers, plastic-coated my eyes and sealed up my mouth and nose.
You don’t get to become Mega-City One’s top Judge without learning how to adapt, how to survive. I know the score. The prison is an unforgiving hell, but do your time, keep your head down, and you just might make it out alive.
Then I was chosen for a rescue mission out on the surface, and everything changed.
A dark secret was uncovered, and suddenly even I was pushed to breaking point.
About The Author : Michael Carroll
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