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The Medusa War : Pat Mills
The Medusa War
Pages: 256
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849971140
ISBN (Epub): 9781849970730
ISBN (Print): 9781844161096
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Release date: 05 Apr 2004


The ABC Warriors - hard-bitten robotic soldiers designed to fight in the worst Atomic, Bacterial and Chemical theatres of war. They are the hard-drinking liberators of Mars and a deadly fighting force that has slipped into legend. On the dead plains of Mars, human terraformers awake an ancient lifeforce known as Medusa that is determined to stop the planet becoming an alien world. When the ABC Warriors learn of this new threat, a two thousand year-old program is activated that compels them to return to the red planet, but in doing so they know that they will be rendered obsolete and self-destruct. Facing a guaranteed suicide mission, the ABC Warriors lock and load and begin the Medusa War!

A war-torn tale of heroism and carnage from comics legend Pat Mills - creator of the ABC Warriors.
About The Author : Pat Mills
Pat Mills is the creator and first editor of 2000 AD and co-creator of ABC Warriors, Finn, Flesh, Nemesis the Warlock and Slaine. In the US, Pat is best known for Marshal Law, the cult character he co-created with artist Kevin O'Neill.