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The Light of Heaven : David A McIntee
The Light of Heaven
Pages: 400
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849970433
ISBN (Epub): 9781849970211
ISBN (Print): 9781905437870
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Release date: 04 Feb 2009

Do you see the Light?

The Final Faith does, and so does Enlightened One Gabriella DeZantez, Sister of the Swords of Dawn. She sees the Light of God. She sees the Light of Truth. The Order of the Swords of Dawn have been the bane of heretics and apostates for as long as there has been a Final Faith, but when an assassin strikes at the heart of the Faith, it signals both a new threat and an ancient one.

Gabriella must eliminate the danger to the Faith, but what is the connection between shadowy assassins, fleeing refugees, and an ancient legend of an island made of diamond?

The answers can only be illuminated by making everyone see the Light of God, the Light of Truth and, ultimately, the Light of Heaven.
About The Author : David A McIntee
David A McIntee has written a dozen Dr Who novels, as well as fiction in the universes of Star Trek, Final Destination and Space: 1999. He has also written various audio dramas, and comics series, most recently in the form of William Shatner's Quest For Tomorrow. He also writes reviews for Death Ray and Neo. When not writing, Dave's an experienced martial artist, and likes to build models, explore historical sites, and play videogames. Dave is married to a belly dancing fellow martial artist studying German Romanticism, and lives in Yorkshire with four cats. His role models in life are Kerr Avon, the Fourth Doctor, Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Eddie Hitler. He wants to be a Sith Lord when he grows up.