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The Last Angel : Natasha Rhodes
The Last Angel
Pages: 576
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849977333
ISBN (Epub): 9781849977326
ISBN (Print): 9781844166466
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Release date: 29 Jul 2008

An angel is found murdered on the streets of Sunset Boulevard. To the media gossip mongers, it’s the biggest story ever. To the Hunters, an underground monster-fighting hit-squad, it’s just another case of whodunnit. To Kayla Steele, their youngest and newest member, it means a last, desperate chance to bring her murdered fiancé back from the dead, and to others with a far darker purpose it is the means to destroy the human race. If the Hunters are to stop the onset of Armageddon they must join forces with their most hated enemies, the werewolves...

From the author of Dante’s Girl, The Last Angel is a dark, sexy, adventure-filled novel that explores the supernatural underbelly of life in contemporary L.A.
About The Author : Natasha Rhodes
Natasha Rhodes is the author of many vampire novels including the Blade movie tie-in. The Kayla Steele novels are set in a slightly fictionalized version of LA, which Natasha herself inhabits.