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Hell on Earth : Mike Wild
Hell on Earth
Pages: 256
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849971041
ISBN (Epub): 9781849970631
ISBN (Print): 9781844163861
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Release date: 17 Aug 2006

A vicious cross-breed of The X-Files and The Da Vinci Code...

Originally known as Department Q, a secret department within the British Ministry of Defence was tasked with investigating the supernatural on behalf of the Government. But times are hard and Department Q has been sold off as a private company - Caballistics, Inc.

"SHOW ME YOUR SINS" - the last words heard by the residents of Boswell before incineration by a powerful force in 1944. Old news until a forgotten biblical being is awoken by an apocalyptic cult. Facing explosive ley-lines, Boswell's reanimated dead and a fallen angel intent on bringing about Judgement Day, it's another busy day at the office for Caballistics, Inc.
About The Author : Mike Wild
Apart from dabbling occasionally in publishing and editing, Mike Wild has been a freelance writer for many years, by way of work as diverse as Doctor Who, Masters of the Universe and Starblazer. He has written five novels for Abaddon Books.