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Death Got No Mercy : Al Ewing
Death Got No Mercy
Pages: 256
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849971478
ISBN (Epub): 9781849971393
ISBN (Print): 9781906735159
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Release date: 15 Sep 2009


This ain't a complicated story, but then Cade wasn't a complicated man. He didn't exactly care about people, did Cade, but if one of the people he almost cared about was in trouble, he'd help out if he could. If that meant heading down to San Francisco - even though nobody ever came back from there alive - well, fine. If that meant taking on whole armies of religious maniacs, coupon-clipping cannibals and helter-skelter hippies who dealt out free love and fast death in equal measure, armed with nothing but his two fists and a decent hunting knife... well, I'm kind of runnin' my mouth here. This ain't a peaceful story, is what I'm tryin' to say. And Cade... Cade wasn't a peaceful man.
About The Author : Al Ewing
Al Ewing is a talented new writer whose work for British comic 2000 AD has seen him hailed as a major voice in the field. His work for Abaddon Books and Solaris has been equally lauded.