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Blood Kin : Steve Rasnic Tem
Blood Kin
Pages: 288
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849976619
ISBN (Epub): 9781849976602
ISBN (Print): 9781781081969
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Release date: 26 Feb 2014


A dark Southern Gothic vision of ghosts, witchcraft, secret powers, snake-handling, kudzu, Melungeons, and the Great Depression.

Michael Gibson has returned to the quiet home of his forebears and now takes care of his grandmother Sadie – old and sickly, but with an important story to tell about growing up poor and Melungeon (a mixed race group of mysterious origins) in the 1930s, while bedeviled by a snake-handling uncle and empathic powers she barely understands.

In a field not far from the Gibson family home lies an iron-bound crate within a small shack buried four feet deep under Kudzu vine. Michael somehow understands that hidden inside that crate is potentially his own death, his grandmother’s death, and perhaps the deaths of everyone in the valley if he does not come to understand her story well enough.
About The Author : Steve Rasnic Tem
Steve Rasnic Tem is an author, artist, and poet. His works have earned him numerous international literary awards, including the World Fantasy award. He is frequently compared to Ray Bradbury, Raymond Carver, and Franz Kafka.