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A Kind of Peace : Andy Boot
A Kind of Peace
Pages: 320
ISBN (Mobi): 9781849970327
ISBN (Epub): 9781849970105
ISBN (Print): 9781905437023
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Release date: 15 Aug 2006

A world forged in war...

Inan. A planet where the nation states have been at war for over half a millennium. So are they ready for peace?

In a world where magic and technology have become intertwined, the Mages of each nation state - the ultimate wizards - have become the ultimate weapons. So what happens when one of them is abducted, and the planet is threatened with a new war that could lead to global annihilation?
The ultimate weapons will meet the ultimate warrior.
About The Author : Andy Boot
Andy Boot has written twelve novels in the post-apocalypse series Deathlands, and two in the longest-running crime series currently in print, The Executioner. Previous to this he wrote four non-fiction books covering true crime, the paranormal, and horror films. Before that he was a journalist. After this, he'd like to be rich.